Wax Melt Use & Safety Instructions

Before using the wax melts, refer to each supplier's safety/usage instructions. These will be provided with your tea lights, warmer, or oil burner.

Before use, remove all packaging ensuring the wax melts are now placed in the original bowl supplied with your oil burner or electric burner bowl. The bowl should be empty, clean, and dry. If the burner bowl is damaged or defective in any way whatsoever do not use it under any circumstances. Do not add any water, oil, or any other liquid or substance to the burner bowl, wax melt, or tea light. Always use unscented tea lights.

When the wax melt has stopped emitting the fragrance, extinguish the heat source and allow the wax to cool down and harden. When the wax is hard remove it from the melting bowl and dispose of it with your normal household waste. Do not dispose of wax down the drain.

To prevent fire and serious injury always burn the candle within sight.

Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Keep away from draughts and vibrations. Keep away from anything that can catch fire. Do not move whilst lit.

Each fragrance will vary in its strength due to its formula, environment, and person:

A fragrance will be more potent in a small room rather than in a large room. If you have a large room consider using two suitably spaced wax melt burners.

Open doors or windows can dilute the impact of the wax melt fragrance.  Subject to COVID 19 guidance we recommend that windows and doors are closed as much as possible.

We are all individuals and perceive particular fragrances when different combinations of receptors are stimulated.  It is considered the sense of smell is closely connected to memory. Perhaps a perfume or childhood meal and suddenly a memory can be triggered.  Therefore what smells great to you might not smell great to someone else this is something we have no control over.